Autism Program

St. William School Autism Program

4125 St. William Avenue * Cincinnati, OH * 513-312-1301, email:

Offering A Private Education For Children

on the Autism Spectrum

St. William School is registered as a private provider with the Ohio Autism Scholarship Program.
Trisha Cox, Director, Intervention Specialist (K-12), Hearing Handicapped (K-12)
Amy Taylor, Educational Aide
Leah Kubachka, Intervention Specialist (K-12), Early Childhood (P-3)
Elizabeth Gronotte, Intervention Specialist (K-12), Early Childhood (P-3)
Maggie Holzbacher, Educational Aide
Sarah Giglio, Intervention Specialist (K-12)
Katie (Katherine) Maclin, Intervention Specialist (K-12), Middle Childhood (4-9)
Chris Kilgore, Intervention Specialist (K-12)
Jenny VanSickle, Intervention Specialist (K-12)
Laura Rudemiller, Educational Aide
Michelle (Jacquelyn) Wernke, Intervention Specialist (K-12)
Rachael Didusch, Intervention Specialist (K-12)
Theresa Schmelzer, School - Speech and Language Pathologist
Mary Hils, Occupational Therapist Assistant
Krista Carroll, Occupational Therapist
     St. William School Autism Program strives to ensure that each child is able to reach his or her full potential.  Our goal is to teach and/or improve social, behavioral, communication, and academic skills for children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.  Our on-going assessments ensure continued, appropriate placement.
     The St. William School Autism Program may be the perfect place to give your child the “jump start” he or she needs in academic, as well as social preparation.  Our staff will assist in planning a successful transition to other educational levels when needed.
Students benefit from:
* Intensive academics                                                            * Behavioral plans for at risk
* Home and school collaboration                                              children       
* Center-based teaching environment                                    * Social Skills
* Special programs                                                                  * Muscle/Sensory Room
     (music, gym, library, computers, art)                                  * Professional workshops for              
* Resource Room                                                                       staff and families
* Values-based education                                                        *On-campus program          
* main-streaming                                                                          * 1:1 therapy and tutoring
* Interactive games, activities and toys                                  * Peer and group interaction